Node Js Web Developer Training (3 Months Training)

Full-stack web developers are in great demand. Companies are searching for professionals who can manage both backend and front end, as the industry is short of full-stack developers. The salary of a full-stack developer is on the higher side as it is a profession in great demand in the job market. You can take your career to the next level by pursuing this course. A full-stack web developer is a software expert skilled in front end and back end development and essentially is skilled in javascript and NodeJS. Learn the basic & advanced concepts of JavaScript and TypeScript and fundamentals of HTML 5. Advanced Concepts of NodeJS and concepts of MySql. At the end of this course gain knowledge on debugging applications and get exposure towards working on real-time projects.

Traning Duration

Full-stack web development covers all facets of web development. It is a process that includes both the front and back ends of a website or application development.

The front-end part deals with the user interface and the back-end part deals with data validation.

When web developers work on different sections or subsystems of web development, the process sometimes turns out to be quite complex and expensive. Therefore, organizations today demand node js developers who are capable of developing strategies for every part of the web development process and are proficient in working across multiple stacks.

Why with us

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  • Live project based training.
  • Training by Expert Developers.
  • In-House placement opportunity.
  • 100% Job oriented training.
  • Training compilation certification.
  • Friendly Environment.
We provide different type of traning

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Traning Type Duration Course Fee
Part Time 2hrs 10,000 Total:7,000(GST Included)
Full Time 8hrs 20,000 Total:14,000(GST Included)
Technologies covered in this course
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jquery
  • Node JS
  • MySql
  • GIT

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